2016 RAM 1500 vs Ford F-150

2016 RAM 1500 vs Ford F-150
2016 RAM 1500 Crew Cab 2016 Ford F-150 SuperCrew
  3.6-Liter V6 Base Engine 3.5-Liter V6
  305 hp Horsepower 282 hp
  269 ft-lbs. Torque 253 ft-lbs.
  8-Speed Shiftable Automatic Transmission 6-Speed Shiftable Automatic
  1,850 lbs. Max Payload 1,610 lbs.

2016 RAM 1500 vs 2016 Ford F-150

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When there's a big load to haul or a heavy trailer to tow, you want to know that your truck can handle it. A tough steel-based build, special handling features, and high performance engines put the 2016 Ram 1500 at the top of its game. In fact, it is ready to meet any challenge posed by the Ford F-150. This quick guide should give you an idea of their similarities and differences.

Awards & Honors

The 2016 Ram 1500 is in its fourth year as the top truck in the Edmunds shopping guide. The 2016 Ford F150 earned an A grade this year and joined the Ram at the top. When it was totally redesigned, the Ram 1500 earned Motor Trend's Truck of the Year two years in a row. The Ford F150, which was totally redesigned last year, did not. The Ram has also been named one of the best vehicles for families by auto appraisal firm, Kelley Blue Book.

Suspension & Handling

Ram introduced its exclusive air suspension four years ago, but there is still nothing like it at Ford or any other truck maker for that matter. When the 2016 Ram 1500 is empty, automatic leveling reduces wind resistance during highway driving. The system also balances heavy payload because it has four-corner leveling. By evening out the load, the air suspension improves aerodynamics and reduces safety concerns. There are five height levels, making this very useful on busy worksites. Drivers can choose to lower the bed when they need to load or unload. They can also raise the bed if they need to claim better ground clearance. Furthermore, on every Ram truck, the standard coil-spring rear suspension is another exclusive that you won't find on a Ford. This setup has been shown to smooth the harshness of road surfaces, allowing the Ram to claim best-in-class ride quality. Critics have noted that this feature greatly reduces the normal bouncy ride that is common to other trucks.


The Ram EcoDiesel is another exclusive that Ford just doesn't offer. In fact, there's no diesel in the Ford light duty lineup. Turbo diesel technology allows the Ram EcoDiesel engine to harness 420 lb-ft. of torque. Drivers can haul more, as well as tow more. The truck offers low-speed torque thrust, helping the truck when faced with steep grades or poor traction situations. The EcoDiesel also saves at the pump by earning 29 mpg highway. Adding value, Ram's warranty covers diesels for up to 100,000 miles over a five-year period. Business owners who have their eye on the bottom line definitely need to give the EcoDiesel a closer look.

The V-6 gas-powered editions of the Ram 1500 and Ford F150 are an interesting match-up. The Ford's V-6 is a 282-horsepower engine with 253 lb.-ft. of torque. The Ram V-6 is a 305-horsepower engine with 269 lb.-ft. of torque. Although the Ram offers higher horsepower and better torque, it still earns 25 mpg highway just like the Ford. To do it, the Ram uses an exclusive eight-speed automatic transmission that is more precise than the six-speed on the Ford. Ram's TorqueFlite 8 can shift more accurately, wasting less fuel in the process. Furthermore, only Ram has a thermal management system for its automatic transmission fluid. Finally, the truck's low-rpm torque thrust boosts speed without demanding more power.

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* EPA estimated MPG may vary by transmission, trim and individual driving behavior.

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