Compare 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee vs Toyota 4Runner

2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee vs 2017 Toyota 4Runner
2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee 2017 Toyota 4Runner
  295 hp 270 hp
  19/26 17/21
  38.6 in. 32.9 in.

2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee vs 2017 Toyota 4Runner

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The 2017 Grand Cherokee stands up to many challengers. If you put it up against the 4Runner, you will find that it offers more style, more power, and greater adventure readiness. If you are aiming for more luxuries, the Grand Cherokee is a premium ride in ways that the 4Runner can't match.


With the 4Runner, it is clear that style and design are after-thoughts. This is a more utilitarian ride, even when leather and other higher trim elements are introduced. On the other hand, the 2017 Grand Cherokee is known for style and class. As the Jeep flagship, comfort, design and technology are in harmony. Craftsmanship and material quality combine for a better look and feel. You can enjoy the handsome look of the lower trim editions or climb the ladder to luxury. The Grand Cherokee offers 10 trims versus six for the 4Runner.


By the numbers, the Grand Cherokee has a better chance of pleasing the daily driver. It earns 293 horsepower while the 4Runner can claim only 270 horsepower. Interestingly enough, the Grand Cherokee has much better gas mileage. It also has a stop-start system for redlights and other long stops. More precision is also a Jeep strength. 4Runners have a five-speed automatic transmission while Grand Cherokees have excellent eight-speed automatics. Since the 4Runner seeks to compete off-road, it should be noted that the Grand is better positioned to give you the power you need when dealing with trail challenges. With its standard engine, the 4Runner is limited to a 5,000-pound tow. The Grand Cherokee is rated for 6,200 pounds or even 7,400 pounds thanks to its many engine options. For starters, there is the Jeep 360-horsepower V8. HEMI drivers command 390 lb.-ft. of torque. Going in a slightly different direction, Jeep brings you an exclusive EcoDiesel V6. This smart turbo cranks out a load-moving 420 lb.-ft. of torque. It has excellent fuel economy for its size and class. For driving enthusiasts, it is hard to beat the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT with 470 lb.-ft. of torque. This swift SUV has 475 horses under the hood.

Adventure Readiness

The 4Runner is generally measured against Jeep capability and not the other way around. That is because Jeep engineering has led the way to adventure for much longer than its rivals. This year the Grand Cherokee is going head-to-head with the 4Runner off-roading capability. While it may surprise those who love the luxury of the Grand, the Jeep now has a Trailhawk edition. This well-equipped SUV has the skid plates, differentials, and ground clearance you would expect in a trail rider. It also has Jeep's Active Drive II heavy duty off-roading system and QuadraLift, the patented air suspension.

Please enjoy a test drive and tell us what you think about the 2017 Grand Cherokee, available now at Lake Keowee Jeep dealer.

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